Trip Notes & FAQ’s

Topics you need to know about India trip. Contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

What is the unit of currency in India ?

The unit of currency is Rupee/INR. (1 USD= 71 INR approximately)

What kind of clothing should I bring along?

You will require woolen and warm clothes for Himalayas and normal summer clothes and for plains and beaches. ( Type of clothing depends on the climatic conditions).

Food & Drinks

In any holiday tour to India dinner is not included please budget for approximately $35/£20 per person for an evening meal without alcohol.

You will in general find meals very good value for money with a broad choice of cuisine in most hotels throughout your tour (Western and Asian).

In remote and outlying areas of India you will find mainly local cuisine. It is suggested that at these times you order vegetarian food, as it tends to reduce the risk of upset stomachs! Avoid eating highly spiced foods when you first arrive in India, however tempting. Instead, allow your system at least a day or two to get used to them, introducing one Indian dish with each meal for the first couple of days. After that it is best to stick with cooked foods, and remember to peel fruit before eating it. The best drinks to enjoy with your meals or to quench your thirst are the bottled mineral waters, other bottled drinks, coffee and tea. Indian beer is very good, along with Indian gin and vodka. Indian wine is growing in reputation and can be most palatable, especially in the hotel restaurants. We recommend both the Grover and Sula vineyards. Local whiskey needs an acquired taste, and the imported scotch whiskey is very expensive, as is imported wine.

Avoid drinking tap water at all costs!! The jugs of water supplied in hotel rooms is purified, but not guaranteed to be safe. Mineral water is very cheap and a far safer option for drinking and even cleaning your teeth, although do check the seal on the bottle is intact.

In what form should I carry my money around?

It is favorable to carry cash and some amount in travelers cheque for backup. You can easily exchange foreign currency for INR at various money exchange centers in India.

Note: The above information is correct and valid at the time of publication, to the best of our knowledge.