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People who visit Agra to see only Taj Mahal and the Fort perhaps run on solar energy or never step out of their vehicle, because if they did so, they would be talking about something else as well. No, we don’t say Taj Mahal isn’t beautiful. It’s perhaps the only good thing Mughals did for the country (along with giving scripts for some movies and political material), but Agra is much more than just a monument.
If you are a resident of Agra or a frequent traveler, you must know the hidden charm of the city. So fasten up your shoelaces and join us for a special walk to Agra, the city of untouched attractions.

Travel agencies providing one-day trips to Agra ask you to miss a lot. This is because it’s next to impossible to cover everything in a day. We know you are tight with your schedule and have many more cities to cover, but missing out a walk in Agra is like going to a hill station and not throwing ice balls at your mate.
Wandering on the streets of Agra will tell you what this city has captured just to keep its heritage alive. If it was not for the heritage, Agra could be one of the metro cities by now. The crowded streets, the roads where people drive without minding the traffic rules and the chants of street vendors take you right into the heart of a nation called India.
For example, Kinari Bazaar is a place that showcases how Agra used to look in the ancient times.

Located behind the famous Jama Masjid, the market is known for women bargaining and buying at unexpected price, cars and bikes dodging one another, and colorful shops selling products with funny names.
There are hundreds of such markets in Agra that deserve a trip. However, you need some cash in your hands and time in your schedule to be a part of these markets.

Unless you are one of those who run on solar energy, you must try the food of Agra. If your taste buds can identify one hundred different tastes, Agra has one hundred and one to offer. Right from delicious street food to sweets and mouth-watering Mughalai dishes, the city has more flavors than you can consume.
Sadar Bazaar, one of the largest markets in Agra is a foodie’s haven. Located here is a shop called Pancchi Petha, known for the world-famous Agra ka Petha. Another place to visit is the Mama Franky, a chicken shop offering the best chicken you can expect.
For street food lovers, Sadar Bazaar and Kinari Bazaar are places to visit. These markets have to offer street food that you cannot even spell properly. You may enjoy original vada pav and Szechuan-flavored vada pav at Goli Vada Pav, a popular street-food shop.

When a city grows, the original heritage walks slowly out of it. What we see in the highly acclaimed monuments is just an attempt to preserve what we have already destroyed. Same is the case with Agra.
If you want to witness the real heritage, pay a visit to the nearby villages. For instance, there is a village called Korai Village near Agra, inhabited by people of Kalandhar Tribe. In this village, you will come to know how India lives, cook food, drink water from hand pumps and sleep in their huts.
People living around the famous monuments may sometime behave rude, but the villagers will always be friendly to you. They will be happy to host you and will assist you in understanding their real culture. So, a must visit place for you.

Who doesn’t love nature? Problem is, we are slowly destroying what made uTs. Thankfully, Agra is a place that has walked towards modernization keeping the nature along.
A barefoot walk on the grass of Mehtab Bagh will pour your mind with fresh air. Spending some time in the garden will be a better experience than exploring the Taj itself.
Want more flavors of the nature, visit the Wildlife SOS. It’s an initiative by the residents of Agra to preserve our much-loved nature. Best part, you may get a chance to stay with a dancing bear, only found in this part of the world.

Want to peep into the time of the Mughals, there is no better place than Agra. Today, it’s impossible to believe that 25,000 people worked so hard to make a monument called Taj Mahal. But if you visit some places like Fatehpur Sikri, you will understand what we read into our text books is true.
Fatehpur Sikri takes you to a time travel. You will get to know the real meaning of being an emperor of a huge country. You will witness the lavish lifestyle that the rulers enjoyed. You will find the ruins of some of the best pieces of ancient architecture. Apparently, it’s not just a journey, it is a way to understand the real culture and way-of-life that the people of India had.

Agra has more attractions than most of the tour agencies highlight in their itineraries. It has more than those famous monuments. It has more history and culture than most of the countries in the world. But, it demands a skillful traveler with a different taste and lot of time.
So next time when you plan your trip to Agra, choose your travel agency carefully. The real Agra is not Taj Mahal or Agra Fort. The real Agra lives in its streets, its villages, and its ancient territories.

Travel with us to explore what real culture and heritage stand for. Travel with us to explore the untouched attractions of Agra. We do not only offer you the attractions you see in the popular travel guides, but we also offer you the colors you have seen in your textbooks.

In short, it’s not about just traveling, it’s about living in the moment.

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