Different Types of Accommodation and Activities in India

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Travel & Tourism Due to the diversity of land forms in India, tourists are able to enjoy a vast variety of adventure and activities. While the backwaters of Kerala in South India provides opportunities for backwater cruising and houseboat stays, Rajasthan in North India offers camel safari in Rajasthan and royal experiences in terms of stay and sightseeing. The places you opt to visit will entirely depend upon the way you would like to spend your vacation and what you would like to do while vacationing in India.

No matter which part of the country you plan to visit there are number of India luxury hotels to choose from. If you are looking for some great deals on hotels, then book your accommodation through India Tour operator as they can provide the best deal for you. Types of Accommodation in India When it comes to choosing an accommodation type in India, there is one for every budget ranging from the cheapest ones to the most expensive India luxury hotels.

We will be able to give you a list of hotels specific to your needs and the location. While the cheap ones merely offer basic services, the mid range and high end hotels offer better amenities. However, if you are planning a Luxury Rajasthan Tour Package, then you will be staying in the best star hotels that offer a great and luxurious experience. You may opt for an all meal inclusive package or a bed and breakfast deal depending upon your travel itinerary.

Types of Activities You Can Enjoy In India The kind of activities that you will be able to take up during your holiday tour will largely depend upon the places you are visiting. Coastal regions obviously provide almost all types of water sports.

If you are visiting the desert regions, then you can go on a jeep or camel safari in Rajasthan. If you are visiting a mountainous region, then you will enjoy aerial activities such as paragliding, mountain climbing, skiing if there is snow, monkey crawling, etc. However, apart from activities specific to the region some of the common activities that you will find in almost every place are trekking, cycling, horse riding, jungle safari and more.

About Accommodation and Activities Booking If you are going to hire a tour operator to assist you in planning and booking your India tour package, then you are sure to make lot of savings. This is because popular tour operators have good rapport with leading airlines, travel companies, adventure service providers and India luxury hotels and hence are able to provide hotel bookings, adventure bookings, entry bookings etc, not just for the lowest prices, but at the earliest to avoid last minute disappointments. While all holiday packages include travel, accommodation and sightseeing, not all will include bookings for camel safari in Rajasthan and other activities.

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