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A  Travel & Tourism Spend a night in the historical city to feel the charm of this famous destination.

Plan your trip to the City of Taj with Same Day Taj Mahal Tour or Agra Overnight Tour From Delhi
Agra, once the capital of the Mughal Empire during the 16th and early 18th centuries, is 205 kms away from Delhi, a 4 hours drive. Tourists from all over the world visit Agra not just to see the red sandstone fort built by the Mughal emperors but also to make a visit to Taj Mahal, India’s most famous architectural wonder.

Agra Fort is known for its stone carvings. Inside it you see here palaces, halls, gardens. It is a worth creations of Mughals. The tomb has finest perfections of marble inlay of works. You will have rushed in order to see the Taj Mahal at dawn. The sight of the first rays of the sun cascading on its pure white marble dome structure is mesmerizing beyond words.

This is the perfect time of the day for visiting the monument and witnessing its timeless beauty. Make an honest effort to have looked at every small detail in every nook and corner of the building. The astonishing symmetry of this marvelous poem in marble will be breathtaking. In the evening, visitors can do the shopping in the traditional market and malls at Agra.

The city is now a ghost town, deserted and bereft of any local dwellers. However it is a fantastic sight to behold. Fatehpur Sikri is full of palaces and tombs of the Mughal era. It is as if each building is a masterpiece of Mughal architecture in its own right. The only sound that you will come across in this place will be the wind soaring through the beautiful monuments. You may explore the different palaces and tombs of this silent city with unmatchable serene charm and beauty. After a night stay,

Next morning you will be taken to Sikandra. Akbar’s mausoleum lies here. It is a combination of Hindu, Muslim, and Persian Architecture. Sikandra the last resting place of the Mughal emperor Akbar. Akbar was the greatest of the Mughal emperors and one of the most secular minded royalties of his time. He was the heir to a long tradition of oriental refinement, a great patron of the arts, literature, philosophy and science. A visit to Akbar’s monument opens before one, the completeness of Akbar’s personality as completely as the Taj Mahal does of Mumtaz Mahal’s. Agra is among the most popular tourist destinations in India, and not without reason.

Agra City: For over 100 years, the city of Agra was the capital of the mighty Mughal Empire. Three generations of Mughal kings ruled from Agra; and their legendary wealth and love of beauty found expression in outstanding art and architecture. Apart from the exquisite Taj Mahal, and the impressive Agra Fort (a UNESCO World Heritage site), Agra city also contains many other heritage monuments that combine Persian, Hindu and Islamic influences. But there’s more to Agra than beautiful buildings.

The city of Agra is a tiny microcosm of India, where multiple religions and faiths co-exist. Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims still follow ancient ways of life, celebrating festivals and fairs as their forefathers did. This tour is also known as Delhi Agra Tour With Same Day Tour. you will have the memorable overnight trip of Agra. We provide you with the best of our services and facilities throughout the trip. You will have to enjoy the beauty of Taj Mahal and also some monuments near the Taj Mahal through the Overnight Agra Tour.

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